Formal Sciences (Mathematics, Logic and Decision Theory, Systems Theory, Statistics, Computer Science); Natural Sciences (Physical Sciences - Physics and Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences); Social Sciences (Economics and Business, Law, Political Science, Military, Security and Law Enforcement, History, Education); Applied Sciences (Medical and Health Sciences, Technical Sciences, Technology and Engineering); Arts and Design (Decorative Arts, Plastic Arts, Performing Arts - as Los Angeles is a capital of art and entertainment, music and film contributions are particularly encouraged); Language and Literature, Martial Arts, Design, Esthetics; Theology and Religious Studies, Philosophy, History of Science; Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity. We invite contributions in the following areas:  
Submissions Papers, up to 6 pages, are invited. Please download TEMPLATES. For WORD template please  click on this link.  Latex Template is at this link. The accepted abstracts will be included in the Conference Booklet, distributed, in hard copy, to attendees. The final version of the papers that after the review process are accepted for publication, will be published in the digital proceedings, online. Selected papers will be invited for publication in ARA journals. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: April 15, 2013 Late submissions by North American contributors may be made if one obtains prior approval, by April 15th, from the Congress Chair.  However, the results of the review may not be available in time for Camera ready or Early registration deadlines) For submissions please click on the link below to connect to the submission site, coordinated by the Publication Chair, Prof. Vasile Staicu , email ‎ who can be contacted for any questions related to these matters. There are two steps, 1) registration and 2) login: 1. Registration - where you setup login name and password     Please pay attention in the registration form that there are multiple options offered towards the end of the registration form - pls select all that applied e.g if you are both author and reviewer then please select/mark both. Author:. Reviewer: Willing to conduct peer review of submissions. Identify reviewing interests (substantive areas and research methods): - Formal sciences ( Mathematics, Logic and Decision theory, Systems theory, Statistics, Computer Science), - Natural science (Physical sciences- Physics and Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Life Sciences), - Social sciences (Economics and Business, Law, Political science, Military, Security and Law enforcement, History, Education) - Applied sciences (Medical and Health sciences, Technical Sciences/Technology and Engineering) - Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity,  - Arts and design: decorative arts, plastic arts, performing arts (as Los Angeles is a capital of art and entertainment, music and film contributions are particularly encouraged), literature, martial arts, design, esthetics; - - Theology and religious studies, philosophy and history of science. 2. Login - where you get in the system, for submission, etc. For registration click on this link For login click on this link This link is to the main page of the Proceedings of 2014 38th ARA Congress STUDENT POSTERS Students who wish to participate with a Poster are invited to submit their proposal abstracts through the following Submission Link: The abstract should be limited to 300 words and should be in a topic area relevant to the Congress. The abstracts will be reviewed for relevance, scholarship and academic integrity. Only one submission per participant will be allowed. Participants will need to be registered for the 2014 Congress. Click here to register:!38th-registration/camx  A student special discount registration of $25 is available if paid by May 23, 2014 (regular registration for students is $50).          Poster guidelines and requirements: Posters Size: 3'x4' Text should be limited to approximately one-fourth of the poster space and the top portion of the poster should clearly indicate the title and authors. The font should be simple and bold to be readable from a distance of at least three feet – it is recommended that the font size be 16 or 18 points. The visuals should be simple and bold. Dark text on a light background is easiest to read. Please avoid color-on-color, especially bright colors which have a tendency to vibrate, and keep the backgrounds simple. Choose a simple color scheme with only 2-3 related colors. A good rule of thumb is to keep the graphics and text simple and uncluttered. Participants can have their poster displayed on the ARA website, given that they provide a digital copy preferable in PDF format and an author's consent. Timeline April 30 - Submission Deadline May 30 - Notification July 23-27 - Poster presentation at the 2014 ARA Congress Venue:  Dabney Lounge, Caltech, Pasadena, CA