Contact Information cell: 818-642-6923                 July 23-27, 2014,  Pasadena, California   KEYNOTES Prof. Basarab Nicolescu Emeritus Prof of Physics, CNRS, France Honorary Member, Romanian Academy The Need For Transdisciplinarity in Higher Education   Dr. Constantin Bulucea IEEE Fellow, USA Honorary Member, Romanian Academy Eastern Europe's Semiconductor Technology and its Merging into the Globalization Trend Adrian Bot, MD, PhD Vice-President, Kite Pharma Santa Monica, California Synthetic Biology Leapfrogs Mankind into the Era of "Intelligent Design" Daniel Marcu, PhD Research Scientist, USC, Founder, Language Weaver Inc. Los Angeles, California From ineffable to hundreds of millions of users A Medieval Mystery: On Nicole  Oresme's Idea of Curvitas  Welcome It is a distinct pleasure to invite you   to the 38th ARA Congress, in Pasadena,   California. Intellectuals of   Romanian descent from all around  the world, and friends of Romania of all   nationalities, will meet to discuss   recent contributions to art and science.    In addition, TED styled talks   will present revolutionary ideas in   technology, business, healthcare,   entertainment, and other fields that   mark our lives and shape our future.   Please join us.  ARA President,    Prof Ruxandra Vidu, PhD    University of California,  Davis                                       and 38th ARA Congress Chairman    Dr Adrian Stoica    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory,    California Institute of Technology    Invited Speakers: TED-Styled Day - Saturday July 26th Prof. Gheorghe Mateescu Emeritus Prof of Chemistry, Case Western Univ., USA Honorary Member, Romanian Academy Flying with Eagles: a Tale of Four Countries  Special Guest, Opening Address Eugen Chivu Consul General of Romania in Los Angeles Joe Ferguson, PhD  Clinical Psychologist, Laguna Beach ,CA FormerVice President, Dish Network Engineering The Science of Art:   Natural History of Intuition and  Aesthetics  Alexandru Darida         John Tanner, PhD Director at NuSci -       The Nutrition Science Foundation, Monrovia, CA          CEO at Tanner Research Bogdan Marcu, PhD Senior Engineering Scientist SpaceX and USC, Los Angeles, CA George Roth President, Recognos San Raphael, CA Member , VC Roundtable networking group in Palo Alto. From "Fireball XL5 to Semantic Technology" or the connection between Steve Zodiac and Steve Jobs I almost died. Needlessly.Will you? Prof. Alexandru T Balaban Emeritus Prof of Chemistry Texas A&M, USA Member, Romanian Academy What is Mathematical Chemistry?   Round-table “Dialogue of Cultures”, moderated by Prof Basarab Nicolescu and other events of interest including the art exhibition, the  business panel, and other see the Special Events Section  James Rosapepe Maryland Senator Former US Ambasador to Romania Guest of Honor Ciprian Manolescu, PhD Professor of Mathematics University of California Los Angeles, CA Topology in low  and high dimensions Liliana Cerepnalkoski  MD Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine Pioneer in the field of medical intuition and energy medicine, Los Angeles, CA Looking forward to welcoming you to   Pasadena at the end of July. If there is   anything we can do in preparation of  your visit, please do not hesitate   to contact us, and we will do our best   to help you.   Dr Adrian Stoica, General Chair, and  Dr Virgil Adumitroaie, Local Chair   NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory,    California Institute of Technology Hortenzia Beciu Director for the Middle East and Africa, Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI)                    Session 1: Science, Engineering and Technology                    Session 2: Medicine, History, and Art                    Session 3: Life-styles, death-styles, spirituality and experimentation                    Session 4: Healthcare and business Invited talk Petru Popescu Writer, director and movie producer, author of best-selling novels, USA Romanians in Hollywood, and in American Fiction   THURSDAY KEYNOTES FRIDAY KEYNOTES Personal Notes on   Space Exploration  Bogdan Suceavă, PhD Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics California State University, Fullerton With painting exhibition and the special participation of the following artists: Maria Zamfir Bleyberg Eva Halus Katherine Arion Jerry McDaniel Key Members of the Organizing Team Jacob Segal, Organizer and Moderator Panel on Business and Entrepreneurship Florina Kendrick Roberts Master of Ceremonies, Banquet, Friday Eve Roxanne Istrate, Master of Ceremonies Saturday TEDx Styled Talks: Beyond the Horizon Domniţa Dumitrescu,Ileana Costea, Gheorghe Drăgan,  Mircea Goia Daniela Podobea Ciprian Ignat Musical performances by the following artists Panelists Mihai Chiriuc Click to see Caltech MAP Detailed Schedule, click here Brochure/Program Proceedings/papers Ioana Ene: Door Registration and Student Posters Schuyler Eldridge Deputy Local Chair, Logistics Local Support Team Coordination